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Online slave Tasks
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Online Slave Tasks

Desperate to serve a bratty Princess like Me but far too frightened to be owned full time? Then you can choose one of My one-off tasks and submit proof if you want feedback (and potentially punishment).

1.     Select a task;

2.    Follow My rules;

3.    Submit proof to show what a good puppy you are (optional).

4.    Receive feedback/punishment.

Proof and feedback

Although not a requirement, I would like proof of completion for all My tasks, submitted using the button above, whether it’s sending a photo or just describing what you did. My tasks each describe what I would like as proof.

If you submit proof I will provide you with feedback on what I think and a grade of how impressed I am, and don’t think I won’t punish you for any incomplete or unsatisfactory efforts.

Any proof will be for My eyes only, unless you tick the boxes saying you’re willing for the pictures you submit to be on My website or My Twitter. I hope you do, My followers love seeing other boys’ torment!

If you long to be a dedicated slave/sub then complete as many tasks as you can. I will keep a record of all your efforts so I expect you to try fucking hard to please Me.

I have three types of one-off tasks:

·         video tasks, to watch and perv over Me while following My rules;

·         audio tasks, where I will whisper sordid and saucy instructions in your ear, probably while you’re out in public;

·         and email tasks, which provide detailed instructions that I expect you to follow exactly.

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