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Task 1-02 "10 min findom jerk challenge "



I want to test your self-control by using your greatest weaknesses to exploit you! your stupid cock and your constant horniness! Jerk for Me for 10 whole minutes without stopping while I tease you in my short skirt and revealing top and if you can last I will let you cum for free. But if you can’t stop yourself cumming before then it’ll cost you. I’ll go shopping and buy Myself something saucy as a symbol of your weakness! But the longer you can stroke for the cheaper your squirt will be. How’s that for motivation? As if getting to watch Me for 10 minutes isn’t motivation enough already. Tick-tock, tick-tock.


JOI, findom, mindgames


Aim: Learning stamina.


Requirements: None.



Length: 11:09 minutes,                  Format: WMV,

​29 fps,                                         24192 kbps,
Resolution: 1920x1080            Size: 593MB

Task 1-02 "10 min findom jerk challenge "

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