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Task 1-04 "Wishlist jerk game" NEW



Let’s play a game! My games are always fun and always involve exploiting you! In this game you’re going to be stroking your cock until you’re at the edge and then look up the item on My Amazon wishlist corresponding with the number on the screen at the time. you’re going to buy that for Me, or gamble to keep stroking, knowing that next time it might be something even more expensive! Or maybe it’ll just be a cute pair of socks next time. Gambling where I’m always a winner and you’re always a loser is the best kind of gambling.


JOI, findom, games



Aim: Learning to spoil Me.


Requirements: Ability to buy things from Amazon! My Wishlist is available through my website or directly here: 



Length: 10:22 minutes,                  Format: WMV,

​29 fps,                                         24192 kbps,
Resolution: 1920x1080            Size: 593MB

Task 1-04 "Wishlist jerk game" NEW

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