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Task 3-01 "Public Cum Eating"                  (Audio)




you’re going out to eat and you’re taking Me with you, to whisper in your ear. I’ve decided what you’re going to eat already. you’re going to eat cum. And you’re going to swallow it all down for Me like a good boy! I’m also going to select what you have with it off the menu. you’re going to take your cum with you and put it over the food I’ve selected and eat it while I instruct you.  In public! How funny. How humiliating! I look forward to reading your culinary review of your meal and laughing at your photo of it. I will provide feedback on your work and whether it impresses Me, and will punish you for any incomplete or unsatisfactory efforts.


Humiliation, cum-eating, public, gross


Aim: Learning to obey no matter what, no matter how humiliating. you can have no shame.


Requirements: Cum and a restaurant



Length: 5:44 minutes               Format: MP3
                                                     Size: 5MB

Task 3-01 "Public Cum Eating"                  (Audio)

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