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Task 3-02 "Jerk In Public"                           (Audio)




I want you to learn some self-control. I like My boys to have some fucking stamina and the ability to obey My demands. I demand that you stroke your cock in public while I whisper instructions in your ear. you’re going to jerk it for as long as I want you to. Stopping is not allowed. Cumming is not allowed. Not until I say you can. you will learn. Early squirters have to eat their mess up. I hope nobody sees you, you disgusting pervert!


Humiliation, JOI, public, orgasm control


Aim: Learning self-control.

Requirements: None.


Length: 7:28 minutes               Format: MP3
                                                     Size: 7 MB

Task 3-02 "Jerk In Public"                           (Audio)

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