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Task 3-03 "Sissy & The Changing Room"  (Audio)




We are going on a little shopping trip, with Me talking in your ear like a naughty devil! you don’t have to buy anything but you are going to try on a few outfits for Me. Listen to Me as you walk around the store looking for girly items I want you to wear for Me. I’m going to dress you up like the slut I just know you are. Then you’re going to try them on in the changing room. I do hope any changing room attendants don’t laugh too hard at you. Once inside the cubicle I’ll tell you to put on the slutty clothes you’ve found and take some snaps for Me.




Humiliation, public, sissy


Aim: Learning to obey, no matter how humiliating, you can have no shame.

Requirements: A female clothing store with changing rooms.​



Length: 5:13 minutes               Format: MP3
                                                     Size: 5 MB

Task 3-03 "Sissy & The Changing Room"  (Audio)

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