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Task 3-04 "Piss Pants Public"                   (Audio)




What better way of proving to me your ability to obey than by wetting yourself in public for Me and completely disgracing yourself? That’s what you’re going to do. Drink plenty of water. I want you out in public on the brink of pissing yourself as you listen to Me taunting and teasing you and guiding you to walk around before finally emptying that bladder all down your trouser leg! Imagine the fear and the anticipation of waiting for My humiliating command. I’ll train you like the animal you are.


Humiliation, public, pissing



Aim: Learning to obey, no matter how humiliating, you can have no shame.

Requirements: A public place and a bladder full of water, ready to burst!



Length: 6:16 minutes               Format: MP3
                                                     Size: 6 MB



Task 3-04 "Piss Pants Public"                   (Audio)

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