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A bratty little Princess and a cruel and twisted Dominatrix, are you here to worship me?

I'm Mistress Murder, or you can call me Miss Lolly. There's little I enjoy more than using and abusing useless boys for my amusement, playing devious mind games, controlling them, and being spoiled like the deserving brat I am. It's all about me. *flutters eyelashes*

I especially get a kick out of dominating dirty old fuckers who are desperate for the attention of a young sexy brat who wouldn't even look at them on the street other than to call them a pervert and spit at them! So weak and ripe for exploiting. 
*sucks lollipop*

Financial Domination & Blackmail
If you know how to spoil a Goddess like me I might have use for you. Exploiting and financially raping you piglets really turns me on. When you’re at work I want you to be thinking “I work for Miss Lolly”. You can shower me with gifts and send me all your money – I’ll leave you with enough to feed yourself and maybe some pocket money for sweets. Blackmail is particularly delicious, wrapping you around my finger and exploiting you while you live in fear of exposure. Once you’re foolish enough to get trapped in my web you’re well and truly fucked.

Tease & Denial & Chastity
I love having control, lots and lots and lots of control. Starting with your cock, because I don’t think you greedy boys have the willpower to control your own dicks responsibly. Whether you cum or not is better left to me, although you’ll almost certainly hate how I treat your cock, whether I lock it up, make you repeatedly edge yourself without release or torture your undeserving willy in terrible ways! I enjoy teasing and denying you, or maybe allowing you a ruined orgasm if I’m feeling generous. So far my record is keeping someone locked in chastity for over 9 months but I’m keen to beat that.

Total Power Exchange
No doubt you want to completely submit to me. Being owned by a bratty little girl will give your days more purpose. I find total power exchange very thrilling – dictating what you wear, eat and do, making demands and setting you tasks for my amusement, and I especially enjoy monitoring boys through teamviewer and tracing their every movement with their iPhones.

Of course a bratty little bully like me loves humiliation! Making you do degrading things for me, dressing you up as a slutty sissy or a stupid baby, making you piss your pants in public, or just laughing at your tiny, tiny pee-pee, you’re going to keep me entertained in whatever demeaning way I decide. I want to be amused or I'll flush your head down the toilet and take your lunch money.

I want your mind and your wallet, hand them both over NOW. ;)

Frequently asked questions by nosey little fuckers
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