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Frequently asked questions by nosey little fuckers

Q. How old are you?

My birthday is July 30th. But a Princess like me deserves to be spoiled every day as if it were her birthday.

Q. What kind of slave are you looking for?
I use different slaves for different purposes, but all must be fiercely obedient and devoted to making ME happy. 

Q. Can I serve you?
There’s only one way to find out: apply to serve me, go hit the Serve Me tab and hope that you show potential or get lucky. 

Q. What happens next when I apply to be your slave?
You’ll automatically be sent a simple form to fill out, where you can rate your kinks and interests and answer some questions in as much or as little detail as you fancy. That way I can find out what you’re looking for and, more importantly, what you have to offer me. :D

Q. I can offer you “knowledge” but I have no money, can I serve you?
I doubt it. Are you suggesting I’m not knowledgeable enough?

Q. Can I serve you if I’m a student or unemployed?
I don’t want your student loans or your Jobseeker’s Allowance, so unless you’re robbing banks on the side, no.

Q. I’m scared of being blackmailed or publicly humiliated, is it possible to serve you without the threat of either of those?
Yes, so long as you state it from the start. Otherwise I do as I please. ;)

Q. I’m over 50, can I serve you?
I love dirty old buggers serving me, so you should definitely apply!

Q. Will you lock me in long term chastity?
I would lock every boy in long term chastity if I could, it’s where they all belong! ;) I love locking boys in chastity, and I’m not very generous about releasing them. 9 months is the longest I’ve made someone suffer so far. Some boys aren’t ready to be caged but can be put in mental chastity, forbidden from cumming without big big consequences and big big fines. I expect uncaged boys to suffer regular jerking and denial though, to keep those balls big and blue!

Q. How does blackmail work?
My blackmail victims make me very happy. Those who are interested in surrendering complete control enjoy knowing that they have to obey or face being exposed in various ways – either by me posting embarrassing pictures with their details online, or sending them to work colleagues or friends etc. I only blackmail those who’ve foolishly asked for it, but once you’re trapped the only way out is to keep obeying and paying me, unless we’ve set up a hefty buy-out fee beforehand.

Q. Do you use Teamviewer?
I love playing with teamviewer, but not with the presumptuous twats who just send me their login details as if I have nothing better to do than entertain them. I like to take over your computer, snoop around, lock you out, get up to whatever mischief I feel like, but most of all I like to go shopping with your money, helping myself to things from my wishlist or other sites, while you watch helplessly and stroke your cock like I tell you.

Q. Do you offer custom videos?
Sometimes, if I like your idea. Message me through my contact form and I’ll tell you what I think and how much it’d cost you.

Q. Why are you called Murdershoes or Miss Murder?
Hmm, is it because I would murder for a pair of amazing shoes or because I want to stamp on you with my stilettos after ballbusting you into submission? I will never tell.

Q. What do you do for fun?
Other than playing with you boys, humiliating you and forcing you to spoil me and pay for my everything you mean?! I’m a gamer girl who loves her PS4 to death, especially adventure games though you may find yourself on the wrong end of my shotgun! :p I have a dog called Billie Jean who needs attention and playing with just like my other “dogs” but she gets treated better than them! I play guitar, enjoy photography, relish keeping fit and sexy because I’m a perfectionist :p and I like generally being creative. Of course, above all else I enjoy shopping, but it’s even sweeter when it’s wasting the cash from your pockets!

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