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Spoil your favourite bratty Princess here!

How do you want to spoil me? :)
Like to make a sexy brat happy?

I like your money. I also like pretty things, lots of pretty things. 

Spoil me! Buy me something you think I’ll look hot in. If you’re a lucky

bastard I will take sexy pictures of me with whatever you buy me and

post them on Twitter for you to gork at and jerk your silly winkle to.


Or just send me a fat wad of cash to waste on whatever I want.

I can think of so many better ways of spending your money than

whatever you were planning on using it for and I’m so much more

deserving of it than you.


My preferred method of wasting your hard-earned cash! Contact for deatils. 


Gift Cards:

Send me a gift card to and I’ll go shopping and buy myself lots of sexy lingerie, cute clothes, killer heels, videogames or any other treat that I deserve! I love shopping, especially when it’s at your expense.





Check out my Amazon wishlist and pick me out something real nice,

there are comments next to many of my items which might help you if

you’re unsure of what to get. Check out my Twitter to see if I'm modelling

 or showing off your


Like the idea of shopping for me and spoiling me with presents?

Credit card:

If you can’t use PayPal then fork your cash over here instead. I’ll waste it

just as enthusiastically.

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